Transfer to the border

Transfer to the border of Ukraine

Taxi to the border of Ukraine. Transfer individually or for a group of people. We take passengers only to the Belarusian border (to the Belarusian barrier). Further, passengers cross the Belarusian border on foot (the distance is only about 50-70 meters, i.e. you need to walk quite a bit).

Since the neutral territory is about 2 kilometers, and the Ukrainian border can be crossed ONLY by car, the meeting Ukrainian car picks up passengers in neutral territory right at the Belarusian barrier, where the passenger waits after passing through passport control at the Belarusian border.

To enter neutral territory from Ukraine, you need to buy insurance (green card). If the meeting side does not have the opportunity to enter neutral territory, it is possible to cross the border with truckers (sometimes they do this).

For any additional questions, you can write to us in messengers. We will definitely answer you and share the information that we have learned in the process of such transfers. For a month of working in an epidemic, we have gained a lot of experience. Each situation is different!

Transfer to the border of Lithuania

You are expected in Lithuania. How can you get to this country faster? We will help you with this. You just need to order a transfer to the Lithuanian border with our company. Then you can cross the border at the border crossing point on foot. It is worth noting that during the quarantine, only three checkpoints between Lithuania and the Republic of Belarus are open. From the Belarusian side, checkpoints Kamenny Log, Privalka, Benyakoni. From the Lithuanian side, checkpoints Medininkai, Raigardas, Shalchininkai We will help you to get to the border crossing point of Lithuania as quickly and comfortably as possible. You are on your way alone, then a transfer by car is suitable for you, if you are returning from a business trip with colleagues or with a working group, then we can offer you a minibus, and if you are returning after a vacation with your family, we will offer you a minivan.

Transfer to the Russian border

In a pandemic, it is extremely difficult to get to the Russian Federation. there are special conditions under which you can be allowed to cross the border. Please note that in the absence of permanent operating PTO and checkpoints on the Belarusian-Russian border, temporary checkpoints and border crossings can be organized there, where sanitary and epidemiological control will be carried out, depending on the favorable epidemiological situation both in Belarus and on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Carefully read the information about the changes in the border regime during the Covid19 pandemic and if the conditions do not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation, feel free to order a transfer from our company.

We carry out transportation to the Russian border for subsequent interception through the border checkpoint or the meeting side. Transfer from the National Airport Minsk-2. Transfer from anywhere in Belarus to anywhere on the border with Russia. Now there is no need to figure out how to get to a neighboring state. We will help you solve this problem as soon as possible.

How to order a transfer to the border?

For correct registration, you need to indicate the place of arrival and the number of passengers. Leave your contact information. If it is convenient, you can contact us in any other way convenient for you: by phone, e-mail, via messengers. After receiving your application, we start working. We contact you, specify the conditions, prepare the car for the transfer. The car you booked in clean and serviceable condition with a professional and polite driver will be waiting for you at the required place at the agreed time. You will be notified of your arrival via call or SMS. We value our reputation and even in the event of force majeure situations when a flight may be delayed or the arrival schedule changed, our employee will wait for you. After that, you will be comfortably delivered to your destination.


Crossing points at the border of the Republic of Belarus during quarantine Covid19

Belarus - Ukraine

Veselovka Novaya Guta Komarin Vystupovichi (from the Belarusian side of Novaya Rudnya) Domanovo (from the Belarusian side of Mokrana)

Belarus - Lithuania

Stone Log Privalka Benyakoni

Belarus - Latvia

Grigorovshchina Urbana


Condition for visa-free stay in the country during quarantine

For Citizens of Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Czech Republic, Germany and many other states entering the territory of the Republic of Belarus, there is a visa-free regime. But there are special conditions for this. It is necessary to arrive and leave Belarus only through the international airport Minsk. For citizens of Lithuania, Poland and Latvia, you need to obtain a visa at the national airport Minsk. If you forgot to do this and have already left the customs area at the airport, you can get an exit visa issued by the police. This can be done right at the Minsk airport. The cost of a visa is about 20 euros per person, for children under 12 years old, such a visa is issued free of charge. The visa is issued within 20 minutes. Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, Belarusian border guards can make concessions and release citizens of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland to the territory of these countries without a visa, but we still recommend applying for a visa. SAVE your boarding pass !!!